Ten Cents Michigan was a successful pilot program in the State of Michigan that brought local foods into school cafeterias. State funding allowed select school districts to purchase local produce and vegetables instead of buying commodity foods that are less expensive but don’t taste as good. The program was a boon to local farmers because it created new markets for their products. And the schoolchildren appreciated the better foods they were being served. It was a win-win-win.

The program was up for renewal in the State’s budget, but to ensure its passage, our client needed hundreds of comments from constituents sent to legislators.

Storylicious built the tencentsmichigan.org website to build community and encourage visitors to take action to save this program. We used the Nationbuilder platform, incorporated lots of client content, and added forms that allowed people to look up their legislators and send custom emails asking them to fund the program.

The website was a wild success. The program is on its way to being funded. And the great news is that the budget is increasing this legislative cycle. Building and communicating to a community of advocates is one of the things Storylicious loves to do. Results matter.