We have been with the Oil & Water Don’t Mix campaign to shut down the flow of oil in the Great Lakes since its beginning.

We started when only 500 people even knew there was a pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac. We continued to build the campaign so that today, 63% of Michiganders (our awesome name for Michigan residents) believe there should not be oil pipelines in the Great Lakes. Storylicious collaborated with many different talented people and dedicated organizations to make this happen.

We’re proud to say we’ve been pivotal in all aspects of the communication about this important story. We helped establish the name and the brand, we produced a successful and compelling television commercial about the issue, supervised the production of the website on the community-building Nationbuilder platform, manage the social media outreach and ad campaigns, and maintain and create content for the site. Our social media reach is nearly 400,000 unique users per month.

This project won’t be a total success until the pipeline is gone, but we are glad to help tell the important story of this fight to protect the Great Lakes from a devastating oil spill using all the digital media tools at our disposal.

Story – and the storytelling tools behind the story, are critical to the success of this campaign.

Our commercial ran on television and continues to be a big viral hit on social media.