The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) is the largest organization of its kind in the country. With over 70 member organizations, they have several areas of focus including clean water, human health, energy and climate change, environmental justice just to name a few.

MEC’s website platform hadn’t been updated since the early 2000’s. They called on Storylicious to build an entirely new presence on the web that allowed them to not only update their image but to begin to build a community around their program areas.

We worked with MEC to redesign their original logo to incorporate their blue/green mission and the state they serve. Their tremendous work to date was focused on serving their member organizations, and advocating for environmental legislation in Lansing. They were interested in reaching out to constituents to do a better job of advocating for their issues, so we built their new website on Nationbuilder platform – which does a great job of advocacy, communications, constituent management, and of course the front-end web presence.

Converting their existing content to the new site – about 800 pages – was worth it as their old platform was not mobile friendly, and their SEO was being hurt by that. The wanted a modular platform that could grow as their content grew. We built the site, moved the content, and then instructed their staff on how to utilize Nationbuilder to its potential.

Check out the live site, which is now managed by MEC.