Storylicious has helped to grow the Michigan Climate Action Network (MICAN) from an idea into a statewide organization by designing and implementing a community-building website, managing the MICAN social media presence, and writing and developing content to encourage engagement.

To build their community, we recommended the Nationbuilder platform. Our experience with the platform has paid off. Our design is fresh and mobile-friendly, but most importantly, engaging. We grew the MICAN community by 1100% in a few short months by creating engaging content and leveraging this action-oriented platform to capture the passion of their community.

More than just a website, Nationbuilder is a fully featured system to manage an entire community. It includes a robust contact database, all communications tools including email, social media, and text messaging, the financial tools needed to accept donations and raise funds. Storylicious set up the back end and trained MICAN staff to interact with the back end to help them grow their community.

We designed and implemented a Facebook ad campaign to increase their Page Likes over 2200% in just four months. Managing their Facebook social media content has brought them over 100,000 monthly impressions and outstanding engagement with their content. Their Twitter account has seen similar growth.

For us, the most exciting part is in improving and always learning about what works, and applying new techniques to old problems. The content we create reflects the story the Michigan Climate Action Network has to tell about working for solutions to climate change.

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