How do you create a movement overnight? Make sure you have an engaging website, compelling content, a robust social media presence, and a partner that knows how to make all these things work.

On November 8, 2018, a handful of business leaders gathered for a meeting to discuss new legislation that would put the Mackinac Bridge at risk by forcing the Mackinac Bridge Authority to own an unrelated oil pipeline tunnel. Storylicious was asked to help turn the meeting into a movement to prevent legislation from being passed that would risk Michigan’s iconic bridge.

Within only four weeks, we created a 20-page website that generated 918 conversions (with an 8.79% conversion rate), created several viral videos that garnered 143,000 views, and social media content that reached 295,000 people, and 1200 Facebook page followers.

The Friends of Mackinac Bridge movement was successful in convincing a lame-duck legislature that the bill was not in the best interests of the Mackinac Bridge. The oversight of the Mackinac Bridge was changed at the urging of this new group.

To be sure, this success was due to the efforts of several groups. By giving the Friends group a community-building home, the community building that Storylicious brought to the table was a key factor in this small victory.

This video was viewed 55,000 times between Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter in the first four weeks of its release.